Concert for the Orchestra
10th June, 2017, 8:30pm
Garden of the City Hall, Martfű

The concert will provide a festive summer evening for the local community as well for the participants of the masterclass.

Martfű is located 20km south of Szolnok on the left side of river Tisza. It is the youngest city of Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county with a population of 7000. According to the historical documents from the 15th century both Tiszaföldvár and the regional rural area of Marthfew belonged to the Abbey of Dunaföldvár.
Besides its natural beauty and tourists attractions, Marfű is home to several international production companies as well. Its SPA hotel was built on a natural thermal spring which provides hot water all year around so it is a popular tourist destination for visitors around the world.

Most areas around the city are protected and part of a nature reserve. The city is close to the wreath of the slow moving river Tisza which creates a unique microclimate for all the diverse variety of native plants and animals. With its friendly population, pleasant environment and high quality services Martfű is an ideal destination for colorful summer vacation.

Concert for the Choir
11th June, 2017, 5:30pm
Saint Thomas Catholic Church, Marfű

Saint Thomas Catholic Church

The priest is honored to host the Masterclass for the Choral conductors in their church and delighted to have the international participants share their interpretation of these musical pieces with the public.

This young church takes its name after the martyr Saint Thomas who is the protector of Non-believers, those who question the resurrection of Christ. The church was christened in 2001.

The layout of the church follows the shape of a cross which is the only architectural function that follows a traditional scheme. Saint Thomas died in India so the designers and architects built many Indian motives into this church which make it very unique. These stylistic elements include ogee arch doors and windows, concrete curtains on both sides and the formation of the sanctuary pulpit and the altar. The church displays a variety of stained glass windows, paintings and other holy motives and decorations. The disposition of the 23-register, 2 manual, pedal type concert organ provides superb sound quality and makes the church ideal place for concerts. The church took many years to build and the project received many foreign donations.